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Hello everyone,

my name is Nelson and I am passionate about helping people to overcome obstacles, fear, adversities, anxiety and all kind of negative feelings and habits in their lives.

Because of lack of knowledge and lack of confidence we often don’t dare to step out in faith to overcome our problems.

That’s why I want to share some thoughts with you about this on mine site.

I believe that we can overcome everything through the cross.

But you have to know and to believe what the cross stands for.

Trough the cross, Christ had overcome sin, the powers of sin and the consequences of sin for us.

We just have to know and to believe that we are more than conquerors, in Christ Jesus.

Because of the cross, we can consider ourselves for death to sin, but alive to righteousness.

Because of the cross, we can consider the powers of sin for triumphed over.

Because of the cross, we can consider the consequences of sin, problems, for opportunities in disguise to glorify the name of Jesus, as the God who saves.

Because of the cross, I believe that, in Christ Jesus, that I am Gods beloved son and co-worker, with whom He is well pleased.

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