Fulfilment vs Happiness

Fulfilment vs Happiness

To know the difference between fulfilment and happiness we need to know what it means to be fulfilled and what it means to be happy. Happiness has to do with comfort while fulfilment has to do with your calling in life.

Source of happiness

Happiness is when you can reflect and find contentment in your comfort zone. When things go the way you want you will be happy because all your problems seem far away. That’s why happiness is focused on your well being and not on the well being of others.

When you are happy, you enjoy being in your comfort zone because your soul found its pleasure in the things that you have and in the things that you have done. So the source of happiness is a content soul due to what you have and have done.

Source of fulfilment

Self-fulfilment results when you feel that you are becoming everything that you have decided to become and are capable of becoming. Fulfilment comes from the satisfaction that you have due to your service to people, your healthy relationships, and your inner growth. So fulfilment has to do with your mindset.

It’s not what you do that keeps you fulfiled but your motive which inspires you. Why you do those things. When you connect the things you do with your sense of purpose your motive will satisfy you.

Happiness is temporary. Our feelings when we are happy doesn’t last. Fulfilment goes much deeper and the feelings that we have when we are fulfilled last. Fulfilment comes when what we do is directly connected to our motive.

Happiness comes from what we have and do but fulfilment comes from why we serve people and maintain healthy relationships.

Be wise and choose for fulfilment

To be fulfilled, you have to decide to be the loving and righteous serving leader where you have been put to serve others with a purpose.

In 1 Peter 1:9 it is written: Receiving the end of your faith, the salvation of your soul, will bring you fulfilment. So decide to receive the end of your faith and let not your condition on all the 7 area of necessity rob you of the salvation of your soul.

Don’t let anyone or anything rob you of the salvation of your soul because this is the fulfilment in your life, the fruit of knowing your motive.

5 steps to fulfilment

  1. Be conscious of your motives and visualize yourself obtaining success. All changes in your outer world begin with the change of your mental pictures. Set tangible goals that you can visualize easily.
  2. Take charge. You are responsible for your fulfilment.
  3. Help others. By sharing what you have with others, you will get fulfilment.
  4. Take care of yourself and celebrate your accomplishments.
  5. Find the good in others because nobody has bad intentions but they have sometimes bad outcomes due to their ignorance.


We only experience fulfilment in life when we are making a difference in the life of others. Fulfilment doesn’t come through what we get but through what we give to others. The most valuable thing that we can give to others is our time by faith working through love.

Fulfilment in life comes through knowing that we have invested our time wisely into the lives of others who have benefited from us and have appreciated us for our services.

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