God’s way to control anger

God’s way to control anger

To know how to control anger God’s way, we have to know what’s anger, what’s it’s root causes and what we have to do to control it God’s way.

Definition of anger

Anger is a strong feeling of being upset or annoyed because you are feeling frustrated and powerless to reach your goals or to share your values. Anger is a misplaced faith, love, and hate. So anger is a false worship of yourself or of your self-centered goals and values. So you and/or your self-centered values have captured the place of God. That’s why anger can be godly or ungodly. Anger is godly when it is placed upon the devil and evil. Anger is ungodly when it is placed on God or people.

Causes of anger

Feelings of anger arise due to how we interpret and react to certain situations, where we feel ourself threatened, attacked, frustrated, powerless or unjustly treated. Anger is a fruit of justice when you hate the devil and evil. Anger is a fruit of rotten roots when you feel self – frustrated and powerless. Those rotten roots are caused by wrong thinking and wrong believe. Some of those rotten roots are, strife, impatience, unmet needs, jealousy, insecurity, fear of confrontation or feeling controlled. Every time that our freedom is taken away or given away we experience anger.

Consequences of anger

Some consequences of anger are bitterness, hatefulness, resentment, vengeance, fights, murder, psychosomatic diseases etcetera. Some psychosomatic diseases are, headache, digestion problems, increased anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, skin problems, eczema and heart attack.

Godly anger

Godly anger is anger that is placed upon the devil and evil. So godly anger is placed upon the devil, evil thoughts, evil words and evil deeds and not on God or man. The godly function of anger is to resist the devil and evil. In Psalm 97:10 it is written: You who love the Lord, hate evil and in Proverbs 8:13, the fear of the Lord is to hate evil; Pride and arrogance and the evil way and the perverse mouth I hate.

Ungodly anger

Ungodly anger is misplaced anger because of misplaced faith, love or hate. Instead of placing our love on God and people while we hate self-centeredness, self-centered thoughts, self-centered words or self-centered deeds, we reject God and people while we love all that is self-centered. So the root cause of ungodly anger is only pride.

How to control ungodly anger

We can control ungodly anger with the help of the Holy Spirit Who based on Gods word will help us to forgive, to let the pain go, to bless those who has wrong us. So you have to change your thinking about the placing of your faith, love, and hate. So you have to change your anger for joy because you are able, in Christ, to bless others and to reign in life through the abundant of grace and the gift of righteousness. You have to arm yourself with the thought that you are born to reign in life so that you can love God and people, while you hate the devil and evil in all freedom. So love others unconditional and redirect your anger on their self-centered thoughts, words, and deeds.

Some practical tips to control ungodly anger

  1.  Think before you speak
  2. Take a timeout
  3.  Once you’re calm, express your anger toward the self-centered thoughts, words, and deeds
  4.  Replace your negative thoughts for positive one’s
  5. Identify possible solutions

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