An overcomer is someone who knows how to reign in life.

To reign in life we have to learn to overcome life itself.  And to overcome life itself we have to overcome adversities, fear and anxieties.

Fear, anxieties and other negative feelings, are most of the time consequences of condemnation.


Adversities don’t define us, but the way we handle them does, because adversities are opportunities in disguise. By them we can grow or learn to reign in life.

Adversities come in many different forms.


1: Spiritual

2: Mental and Emotional (adversities of the soul)

3: Physical

4: Social

5: Financial

6: Material

7: Ecological

Some says that you need to have a high AQ instead of a high IQ to be prosperous and successful in life.  AQ stands for adversity quotient and it is a score that measure the ability of a person to deal with adversities in life.

But I believe that you have to believe that you have the mind of Christ in you and that you also have to know how to tune your mind on the mind of Christ and on your inheritance in Christ. 


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