Overcoming offenses

Overcoming offenses

To overcome offenses we have to submit ourselves to God so that we can resist the spirit of offense successfully. When you don’t believe what you are worth in God’s eyes, then you want the honor of another fellow man and when they assault your name or honor then you will easily be offended. So the reason to take an offense is pride and entitlement due to self-centeredness.


Submission and resisting

An offense is a trap from the spirit of offense, who will trap you with his bait to trigger your pride or sense of entitlement. But we have the power to choose our reactions. We can choose to receive honor from God or from our fellow men, who can be easily used by the spirit of offense. If you want to overcome an offense, you have to submit yourself to God while you resist the spirit of offense in faith and he will flee from you.

Self-consciousness, the door for pride

Pride is the only cause of offenses. And the door for pride is self-consciousness or self-centeredness. When you are truly humble and dead to self it doesn’t matter what people think or say about you. If we are really dead to self, it is impossible to be offended. So the reason we are easily offended is, that we are alive to self and full of pride.To be dead to self we have to shift our focus from self to Christ Jesus who is the Bearer of our identity and legal status.

Be conscious of your identity and legal status in Christ

If you are conscious of your identity and legal status in Christ Jesus, then the devil and his servants have to flee from you when you resist them. Jesus has overcome them through His work of salvation and that’s why we can overcome them by the blood of Jesus, by the word of our testimony and by our self-denial even into death. So attach yourself to what God has said about your identity and legal status in Christ Jesus and detach yourself from what people has said about you by forgiving and loving them, as God has forgiven you and is loving you. Love for God and others will always overcome self-centeredness and pride. We love much when we know and believe that we have been forgiven much.

Consequences of overcoming offenses

When you overcome offenses you deprive the spirit of offenses the chance to sow hate, betrayal, and bitterness into your heart and in the heart of others. You also deprive him the chance to abort or to handicap your goals in Christ.You also deprive him the chance to ruins your relationships with others or the chance to robs you and your loved ones of your peace, joy or rest.

So be aware of the fact that the spirit of offense is a demonic spirit who is a counterfeit to the Holy Spirit, who is the Spirit of comfort. The spirit of offense brings separation between men. So guard your heart so that you will always be God-conscious instead of self-conscious because it is written: And whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.

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