Overcoming relational issues

Overcoming relational issues

To overcome relational issues you have to overcome the lust of the flesh so that you can manifest the fruit of the spirit and have an influence on others. When your relationships are good, and you can influence others, nothing else has to be, but when your relationships are bad, almost nothing else can be.

Objectives in a relationship

In our relationships, we want peace and happiness. Happiness is about the quality of our relationships and that’s why we want relationships in which we get affirmation of our interests and values. To make peace and to hold your peace, you have to be objective. We are responsible for our reactions and actions because we have the power to choose them, in and through Christ Jesus. Hereby we have to focus on God because He is our source of life and we also have to focus on our perspective because there is a direct correlation between our perspective and our happiness. When your perspective changes everything else changes. Don’t lose your perspective, otherwise, you will lose your ability to determine what matters and what doesn’t matters.

Frustration, the cause of relational issues

When we have to do with a relationship issue, we have to deal with relationships conflict. And relationships conflict occurs when expectations aren’t met. A relationship conflict is a situation in a relationship where you have a difference of opinion while one or both of the parties feels them selfs frustrated in their interest or in their value. When our ego feels frustrated it activates our fight or flight response. Instead of seeing a conflict as a threat we can also see it as an opportunity for growth in a relationship. Hereby you have to share your opinions in a productive way. 

The solution for relational issues

For a solution for relationship issues, you have to know how you can share your opinions in a productive way. And to share your opinions in a productive way, you have to negotiate in a way that brings peace and happiness. You have to work to a win – win situation through your communication. Hereby you have to show interest in the interest and values of others.