Lean Belly Breakthrough Review

Lean Belly Breakthrough Review

Name: Lean Belly Breakthrough

Website: LeanBellyBreakthrough.com

Price: $37,-

Owner: Bruce Krahn

Lean Belly Breakthrough

Lean Belly Breakthrough is a digital product about how to reduce and eliminate belly fat through exercises and healthy food.

It is for men and women over thirty-five and it is a program that helps you to overcome belly fat and it’s associated health issues such as diabetes, heart diseases, and depression.

Approach of Lean Belly Breakthrough

In this program, you are going to lose 1-2 pound of belly fat per day. It is a 2-minute ritual where you make use of simple exercises and you make also use of special foods, herbs, and spices.

Overview of the content

  • List of food that helps you get rid of belly fat
  • List of food to avoid
  • List of desserts which reckon with blood and sugar┬áproblems
  • Overview of signs for heart problems
  • Method to decrease accumulated fat
  • Overview of herbs, foods, and spices that affect those hormones which are responsible for storing fat
  • Krahn’s 60-second belly shred workout program and video
  • Blueprint how to solve the cause of belly fat
  • Tracking sheets to monitor your progress
  • List of foods to boost your libido


  • Enjoyable meal plans
  • Credible plans and workouts
  • Works for everyone
  • Easy to follow
  • Tackles the root problems: correct exercises and meal plans
  • 60-day money back guarantee


  • Demands discipline
  • Claims things that are exaggerated
  • It’s a digital program
  • Contra Health Scam’s Blacklist had some doubt about this program and Bruce


If you want to know if Lean Belly Breakthrough is worth your time and money, then you have to take a look for yourself.

So click here to learn more.